Change is scary. It requires us to step into the unknown, into a place where we relinquish control and hope for the best. But only in this uncertainty can we grow. We need the discomfort, the fear and anticipation to move us forward. Otherwise our lives are nothing more than existence.

One lesson I’ve recently learned is that if you need to change, take yourself out of any environment conducive to comfort. It makes it that much easier to resist. Kind of like when you should get out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning but the house is freezing and it’s all nice and warm under the covers. It’s the same reason that businesses are more likely to listen to external consultants, because they are unfamiliar and bring with them uncertainty. Unless you cultivate a mentality that is pro-change, you’ll find that you stop. You stop moving, stop affecting others and actualising purpose and meaning.

So if you’re going to jump, make it count. Don’t just dip your toes in the water, jump off the highest diving board. The fear is far worse than any reality could be. And this way, it will catapult you that much faster and further, taking you places you couldn’t have imagined before leaving you to wonder why you never took the leap before.