I’m wary of  the fact that I’m writing this the day before new years eve because I in no way want it to sound like one of those new years resolution kinds of posts but I can’t help but write it as this message seems to be really hitting home at the moment.

It seems the world is conspiring to really make me appreciate the now and the people in it who matter. For example, recently, there’s been a lot of media hype about celebrities dying. To be honest, I don’t much care for any of that, except that I realised that quite a few of the celebrities that passed were similar in age to my parents. I then found myself watching a show in which a father and son tried to mend a shattered relationship broken a decade prior whilst trying to cope with the impending death of the mother. Then, just to make sure it hit a nerve, a friend messaged to let me know his dad had passed away.

All I can say is take a moment to savour the now and the people who make it. You have no idea how life is going to play out, who will be part of it or for how long. All that you know is who the people in your life who make it that little bit more manageable are. The people who make you smile just thinking of them or knowing you’re in their thoughts. Be grateful for them because they are part of your life for a reason. They have lessons to teach you and  Do your best to appreciate them and be present to enjoy the moments they are around because whether they leave your life due to distance, a falling out or because they are taken away, you have no idea how long they’re there for.

So next time you’re sitting at the table with friends or family, put your phone away and actually immerse yourself in the moment of conversation or simple companionship. It’s more precious than you realise.


With love xox