Most mistakes occur in an instant, some are prolonged for years or decades.

And yet, I’ve noticed that as you become more self aware, mistakes seem more often to happen in slow motion.

Like hitting the pavement after tripping over takes an eternity, these mistakes trap you in a prolonged instant. You know what’s coming and yet seem in that moment incapable of avoiding what is now deemed inevitable.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the mistake. You know you’re making a mistake, so embrace the moment and take the time to understand what lead you to it. Learn from it so that it isn’t repeated, so that you can move onto the next lesson needed to help you grow.

And if the mistake is one that really does drag out for weeks, months or years, as can often happen when emotions are at play, remember to be compassionate to yourself during that indefinite limbo. Sometimes, no matter how aware you are that something is bad for you, there can be security and safety in that familiarity. And though it may be destructive, it’s quite likely that you need to be in that state for a while longer until you’re really aware of why you need to move on, never to repeat the mistake again.