There are lessons in every day if you are open to learning them.

They can come from the most unlikely places and can often be so fleeting that they’re forgotten almost as quickly. Every day can teach something, if you’re willing to learn.  Sometimes the lessons are just reminders of things you already know and sometimes they make you face your deepest, darkest fears. But unless you are aware of them, you’re depriving yourself of an opportunity to grow.

When I was younger, I told myself that I didn’t need to experience things in order to learn them. All I needed to do was observe what I did and didn’t like. Whilst this isn’t exactly true, it did hold some merit. Sometimes you don’t need to make all the mistakes when there’s an easier way. Equally as important, sometimes you just need to know that you’re not alone, that other people are walking the same path beside you, even if you can’t see them.

So from now on, every lesson I learn that I think holds some importance or benefit, I will write down here. Hopefully, it helps me to truly embrace the lessons life is trying to teach me along the way.