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Because there is something to learn in every day

For love or money

For somebody who likes to think themselves smart, I sure can take a while to learn certain lessons. This lesson is one that I've known for a while on one level and yet on another am only really starting to... Continue Reading →


What’s restricting your growth?

So it's three days before Christmas and only now have I gotten around to actually decorating my little tree. I bought it last November with the intention that it could live outside most of the year and grow and that during the... Continue Reading →

It’s ok to feel a little lost sometimes

Have you ever walked off the beaten track and found yourself in a bit of a panic? Whether it's actually walking along an unpaved path (i.e. while bushwalking) or doing so metaphorically (i.e. with a job, relationship, goal), walking alone... Continue Reading →

Why you should block your time

So I have a very important question for you and I want you to answer honestly: How often do you find yourself starting a task, only to be distracted moments later? Think about your work environment for instance. Do you... Continue Reading →

Why growth needs to be uncomfortable: the story of the hermit crab

I was recently thinking about a story told to me that made for the most perfect story about the necessity of growth and believe it or not it's a story about the life of a hermit crab. At birth, its body is... Continue Reading →

Dealing with rejection: it’s all about mindset

In a recent post, I spoke about fear, doubt and lack of self-worth. Today, I wanted to explore in greater detail the scientific reasoning behind why we interpret rejection as a direct attack on who we are since this is... Continue Reading →

The two things stopping you from really living

Recently, I've been struggling with the inner battle between want and should when it comes to how I intend to live my life. For example, the current battle playing out in my head relating to the hunt for a new... Continue Reading →

Don’t judge a book by its cover

When I was growing up, my preconceived ideas about the perfect guy were very much influenced by my surroundings. If I was going to meet the expectations of those around me, he was going to be tall, have dark hair,... Continue Reading →

Risk perception: the good, the bad and the necessary

Recently, while sitting at breakfast with a friend, we began talking about where we wanted careers to take us and how our experiences, degrees and jobs had all slanted us to perceive risk as something dangerous despite knowing that it... Continue Reading →

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