lessons learnt along the way

Because there is something to learn in every day

Done with the disconnect

It's so easy to hide ourselves away, selectively revealing only tidbits in controlled situations. And yet, in doing so, we do a disservice. We shy away from who we are instead of embracing it. We avoid the lives we're meant... Continue Reading →


Seeing past perspective

I recently found myself at the beach staring through water droplets on my glasses as the rain fell. The droplets were at least at that point in time, changing how I saw the world. Not drastically, but they did mean that... Continue Reading →


Most mistakes occur in an instant, some are prolonged for years or decades. And yet, I've noticed that as you become more self aware, mistakes seem more often to happen in slow motion. Like hitting the pavement after tripping over... Continue Reading →

The importance of a support network

Let me begin this piece by saying that I pride myself on being fiercely independent. I'm happy to act as a pillar of strength and support to others, to be the leader that others look to when there's a problem.... Continue Reading →

Be selfish and take time for you!

A while ago, I made a decision that I wouldn't answer my phone after 9pm. The reason for this decision was that I had become conditioned to associate late night calls with something being terribly wrong. It was nobody's fault... Continue Reading →

This is why I love you

It's often said that we're drawn to people who reflect parts of ourselves that we wish we possessed. Similarly, if ever someone pisses you off, pay close attention because if you're looking for opportunities for self development, they're the best... Continue Reading →

The scariest thing

We're all crippled by fear every so often. More often than not it hits when we're not living in line with our personal beliefs and aspirations but rather trying to fit into the mould of what we perceive others to... Continue Reading →


As the flames of the sun paint the sky in beautiful hues every sunrise and sunset, allow your soul to burn with such fire that the world becomes illuminated simply by your existence.

The power of the storm

There’s a violent beauty to a storm. The sheer power it possesses as it interacts with everything around it. It stirs the air, coaxes the waves and showers the earth with new life. This is how our lives should be.... Continue Reading →

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