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Seeking security – why we don’t leave bad relationships and long for those we’ve lost

Have you ever found yourself thinking about an ex or long lost friend you haven't seen in ages? Or perhaps you're the type of person who can't seem to let go of a relationship until it's well and truly dead.... Continue Reading →

The value of life

We've forgotten the value of life. Ego tells us that the world is here to serve us. And so we take. We take without thinking, Of the consequences, of the necessity, of the reason. Now, we look at both plants... Continue Reading →

How to dull the doubt

One of the most powerful types of fear is manifested through doubt. Although it doesn't often register like a typically thought of fear (we're far more likely to fear death or loss for example), doubt lingers in almost every decision... Continue Reading →

The charity challenge: Why some causes affect us more than others

What is it that makes one person so passionate about starving children in Africa and another dedicated only to protecting Gorillas from poachers? Why is it that when asked to help a friend or an individual who has suffered, we... Continue Reading →

A process of reinvention

A number of  years ago, as I was about to finish my law degree, I sat at dinner with a group of friends and one proceeded to talk about a friend of hers who at the time was in their... Continue Reading →

The value in being human

I recently picked up a book called The Mind Club by Daniel Wenger and Kurt Gray which talks about what we perceive to be human. Emphasis here on what we perceive because outside of our own minds, this entire reality could be... Continue Reading →

How we shape our own reality

In one of my favourite songs by Jason Mraz, he sings 'the world as I see it is a remarkable place'. Today, I feel exactly this but for others, it may be a horrible place today. Our perception of the... Continue Reading →

Prone to procrastination

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon a few different comments on the topic of procrastination that made me think. And since writing this blog is one of those things I procrastinate most often about, I thought it a fitting topic. One of... Continue Reading →

Manifesto for life

Just for a moment sit still. Take a deep breath and relish in the wonder of simply being alive. In our crazy, 24/7 world, the distractions are endless, as are the opportunities to escape from our dissatisfied lives. It is... Continue Reading →

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